Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another idea of a dream synth: YAMAHA SY100

I like YAMAHA'S 12-bit filterless synths. And I thought of a dream synth YAMAHA SY100 extreme would be like this.

SY100 extreme

This is a mixture of these models;
* YAMAHA TG100 PCM playbacker
* YAMAHA PSS790 Vector synthesizer
* YAMAHA QR10 sampler-sequencer
* YAMAHA RY20 drum machine

Added features are;
* KORG POLY-800's single analog filter
* "Symphonic" - Portasounds' analog chorus
* The blue "extreme" LED flickers at random
* Vector programmability like YAMAHA TG33
* Fast wave alteration like KORG WAVESTATION, ENSONIQ SQ-R and CASIO CZ-1

And the price; $99.
I wish SY series' lowest-end synth were like this.


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